American Land Title Corporation (ALTC) serves as a valuable resource for buyers, sellers, attorneys, lenders and realtors with questions related to title, title insurance, property taxes, exemptions, transfer and recordation taxes, and public records. We take pride in maintaining the most current information as it relates to the real estate and title industry. We write title insurance policies as an authorized agent for one of the largest and best capitalized title insurance companies in the country. Chicago Title monitors our work to insure that we have properly accounted for all client funds and have carefully underwritten the policies we issue on its behalf.
We strive to employ the most up-to-date technology in our operations while always considering privacy and security. From processing files to storing data to transmitting information, our company uses state-of-the-art software. Clients receive closing documents in a digital format, and all files are stored on servers for easy retrieval of information.

Our company is viewed as a resource for title information, and realtors and other professionals often ask us about our experience settling real estate transactions, even though we may not be a party to the particular transaction. We consider our assistance in these matters as a service to the industry.

Residential Transactions
Since 2002, we have assisted both the first-time homebuyer and the more seasoned buyer with the settlement process. The title company is the keystone to any real estate transaction in coordinating the buyer, seller, lender and title work. Our experienced staff is devoted to providing the highest standard of service, ensuring a smooth and positive settlement. With more than ten years in the title business, we have worked with numerous residential mortgage lenders, gaining a thorough knowledge of each lender’s process and loan documents. We consider it our responsibility that both the buyer and seller have a professional, timely and accurate business experience.

Commercial Transactions
Maryland attorneys and lenders turn to ALTC to settle their commercial transactions because they have grown to trust our high level of professionalism regardless of the level of complexity. Through our relationship with Jiranek & Company, PA, we have access to attorneys who offer a broad range of knowledge in real estate, health care, corporate, finance and securities.

Legal Services
Our general legal counsel is Jiranek & Company, PA, whose offices are contiguous to our office. The firm employs five attorneys that offer a broad range of knowledge in the areas of real estate, corporate, finance and estate and trust planning and administration. Andrew L. Jiranek is the managing partner of our affiliated law firm and is a licensed and authorized settlement title agent for Chicago Title Insurance Company. The firm provides legal support as necessary for our clients, including assistance in the following areas: 1031 tax-free exchanges, preparation of deeds, short-sale negotiations, loan document preparation, leasing transactions, boundary and easement matters, survey issues, real estate appraisal and valuation, real estate licensing, ground rent redemption, land use and development, construction, and preparation and review of contracts of sale. For more information on our affiliated law firm, visit the website at

In addition, our underwriter, Chicago Title, employs real estate attorneys who serve as a legal resource for us as we settle real estate transactions and write insurance policies for our clients' interests in real property. These attorneys provide legal guidance to a nationwide network of title companies that write policies for Chicago Title. They regularly issue alerts and memorandums of advice as we navigate the daily developments affecting real estate transactions.